Which Parts Of The Car Do You Need To Change Every Year?


Technology is what defines the modern era. It has brought us a lot of benefits, to an extent that most of these things have become a part of our daily lives. While the benefits are there, you cannot turn your head away from the maintenance these things require. Whether it is something little, like a gaming console, or big and complex like an automobile, you have to take good care of tech-based products in order for them to last longer.

This becomes of greater importance when it comes to cars. Not only so they run well, but also because of safety concerns. It is important that you get your car checked every year to make sure the auto parts are still intact. While most major features in a car call for a maintenance every two years or more, there are little things that you must address each year to keep your car tweaked and in the best of conditions.  

Fan Belt

Have you ever heard that squeaking sound a car makes, and wondered what exactly it was? Well, it is the fan belt of your car, calling for a replacement. A fan belt plays an integral part in running the engine. It is what transmits the driveshaft motion towards the alternator as well as the radiator fan.

This auto part tends to run continuously whenever the engine starts, and continues to run until the engine is turned off. This vigorous routine often leads it to break which can bring a fair amount of damage to areas like the radiator and steer pump. Moreover, as the fan belt breaks, your car’s engine will seize to work right away. To save your car from considerable damage, it is always recommended that you replace it every year, especially if you have a foreign car, to avoid excessive repairs on it.

AC Compressors

It is a common practice that as the summer season ends, people start caring less about their car’s air conditioner. This is a bad move since overlooking the air conditioner often leads to problems in the AC compressors over time. The worst part is that you get to know about it only when you turn the AC back on, next summer. By that time, the compressors normally have deteriorated in condition to an extent that you would need them to have them replaced altogether.


This is another part of the car that wears off quicker than most. Damaged shocks not only affect the tires, but also bring down the entire performance of your car. This is why it is important that you change the shocks at least once every year to let your car remain in the best condition.

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