Save Your Car and Save on Cash by Using Quality Salvage Auto Parts

You may be lucky you weren’t injured in that recent minor collision you figured in, but one thing is for sure: at least a part of your prized vehicle has been rendered useless. Such a damage may tempt you to buy a new car, but in these unpredictable economic times, making a huge purchase isn’t an option. Why not buy salvage car parts from one of the popular yards in Arkansas?

Save Your Car and Save Cash on Salvage Auto Parts from Trusted Shops

Buying used car parts has been a practice of many practical vehicle owners looking to save on vehicle maintenance and repair costs. Most junkyards provide a plethora of used auto parts that may still work fine for newer models.

An article for written by Ben Wojdyla discusses the many advantages of purchasing used car parts over new ones, although there are some risks to be taken into account. The excerpt below show some of those advantages.

“Most upstanding citizens ignore this last stop in the automotive life cycle and choose new parts from a nice, safe dealer installed at exorbitant rates. If, however, you like to add a dash of adventure to your car repair, you should definitely check out a junkyard before shelling out for new parts.

Most are generalists and stock what the market both supplies and demands. If you have a rare car, ask if they have your model before spending time wandering around. They might know; they might not. The likelihood of finding that window-crank handle for your Triumph TR7 is pretty low because the supply and demand aren’t there. Conversely, you’ll probably find piles of pickups, vans, midsize sedans, and econoboxes.”

The term “junkyard” no longer suits many outfits offering used car parts from salvage vehicles, as many of these facilities have an inventory of newer car models. Additionally, you don’t even have to be physically present in the yard to find and purchase the parts you need.

Salvage auto parts providers, like AA Auto Parts, showcase an online inventory list that facilitates customers’ search. Buyers wanting to make sure they get the right parts can browse the inventory database often found on the outfit’s website.

In choosing a used auto parts provider, look closely at the size of the yard and the volume of vehicles it receives weekly. Trusted yards even receive a considerable size of new inventory daily, and make these vehicles available for dismantling right off the bat. Parts of top foreign brands like Toyota and Honda, which can be very expensive when bought from dealers, can be easily found in quality junkyards that specialize in foreign vehicle brands.

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  1. Cindy Tesler on October 27, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    You make a good point that salvage yards also contain plenty of parts from newer car models or parts that will still work on a newer car. You also point out that if you have a pretty rare car that needs a part, chances are that you will not find the part that you need in a salvage yard. I also think that getting used auto parts from a salvage yard is a great idea because it recycles “still working” parts so that they’re not sitting in a junk pile, of no use, and rusting away so that companies have to make more of them.

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