Growth in Salvage Auto Parts Industry is Proof of Their Reliability

Still believe that used car parts are too inferior compared to their newly produced counterparts? Think again. The used car parts industry continues to experience significant growth, which means more and more people are trusting used car parts for their vehicles. Below is a Yahoo! Finance article that reports on this trend:

“For years, auto-parts retailers and distributors have benefited from economic, technological and consumer trends that have kept cars on the road longer and heightened demand for parts and service.

This buffet of favorable market dynamics was supposed to be temporary. Eventually, the reasoning went, the economy and job markets would improve. More people would buy new cars, fewer would need to replace worn-out parts, and auto-parts retailers’ business would decline.

That hasn’t happened — at least the last part. While the economy and job markets have slowly improved, and there has been a rise in new car sales in the U.S., auto-parts companies continue to churn out solid financial returns.

According to the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), aftermarket car parts – including those sold at retail and wholesale — make up a $300 billion-plus industry in the U.S.”

Hopefully, the numbers presented above is enough to convince you that buying salvage auto parts is an option worth delving into. If not, then perhaps this will: buying new auto parts will cost you significantly more than purchasing used ones, which generally cost about 50 per cent less than new ones. Plus, many of the parts are almost new because they come from late model automobiles that were taken out of service early.

Growth in Salvage Auto Parts Industry is Proof of Their Reliability

When a car owner does business with a reputable salvage yard like AA Auto Parts, they know they’re getting high-quality used parts. Whether you need cabin components (windshields, back windows, side windows), break system components (brake pads, calipers, wheel cylinders), or an entire engine, you are assured that the parts they sell are reliable and warranty-backed.

It can easily be overwhelming to sort through the vastness of the inventory that a salvage yard carries. Fortunately, professional salvage car parts dealers like AA Auto Parts have a reliable staff and system in place to make finding the used part you need a whole lot easier. Visit their office or call them up to get started on locating the used parts you need for your vehicle.

(Source: Used-Car Parts Sales Just Keep Improving, Yahoo! Finance, March 27, 2014)

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