Get Used Car Parts to Save on Costs of Replacing the Most Common Ones

Cars usually begin to show their age around three years old, usually the time when more parts need to be replaced. Of course, this still depends on how often you use your car and how you drive. Aggressive driving clearly wears them out much faster than defensive driving due to the amount of stress applied.

Car repair resource site lists down the most commonly replaced car parts after a long period or set mileage. You can find some of these parts in the used car parts market.

Get Used Car Parts to Save on Costs of Replacing the Most Common Ones
Car Fuses

“Replacement fuses MUST be the SAME AMP RATING as the original fuse. Never substitute a fuse with a higher amp rating as this may increase the risk of a car fire!”

Today’s cars are armed to the teeth with electronics from system panels to swiveling seats. It’s up to the fuse to make sure the wire stays safe when a car’s hardware breaks down. Experts say it’s better to lose the radio in this scenario; it’s hard to find a fresh wire, let alone install it. OEM fuses are relatively affordable today, so you can bet used ones are even more low-cost.

Spark Plugs

“Spark plugs may have to be replaced sooner if short trip driving causes them to foul, or your engine is burning oil due to worn rings or valve guide seals.”

The spark plug is instrumental in initiating the combustion process in the engine. As the name implies, it initiates the spark by which the fuel ignites and explodes, producing energy for the piston. Spark plugs are abundant in both the OEM and aftermarket; like fuses, they don’t cost much.


“Every four to five years (mileage doesn’t matter). Less in really hot climates (maybe only three years).”

As the most often replaced car component, the battery has every reason to be replaced at the first sign of failed ignitions. It provides the electrical energy necessary to power not only the car’s amenities but also some of its engine systems. Guess where the spark plug draws its spark for the combustion process?

Thanks to aftermarket parts, you can rest assured that you will always find the abovementioned parts for an affordable price. Dealers like AA Auto Parts have a vast inventory of quality used Honda auto parts and those for other brands. Just keep in mind the right time to replace them to save a lot on maintenance.

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