About Us

So you’re curious huh? You’re looking to salvage car parts and want to know a bit about us before diving into our online inventory or dialing our number. Sure, we completely understand. At the end of the day we’re a hardworking and honest blue collar business that bends over backwards to provide our customers with the quality they both need and deserve.

First and foremost here are the three associations we’re officially and proudly a part of:

  1. The Automotive Recyclers Association.
  2. Arkansas Automotive Dismantlers & Recyclers Association.
  3. We’ve got out Locator Seal of Approval as well.
  4. The AA Auto Parts Philosophy

Two things have made it possible for us to stay in business and help people salvage car parts from across the nation since 1976: unflinching customer service and the ability to get people what they need for restoration purposes, fixer-uppers or to keep them on the road.

Now, as you can imagine in the old days people looking to salvage car parts had to go through many more loops than they do today. We pride ourselves on being able to source just about any part you can imagine, including the many intricate modern electrical parts.

Check out our Inventory page to get a look at our specialized list that is added to on a daily basis and then make sure you’re aware of our request form as well where you can enter in your specific information and get exactly what you need to suit your unique situation. There’s almost nothing we haven’t dealt with or come across before.

When You Salvage Car Parts You…

One of the biggest advantages of salvaging used auto parts is that it’s in essence recycling, right? Instead of using up more resources you’re finding one that used and works just as well. We don’t know what the big picture “butterfly effect” is for each of our customers, but we just love doing a good thing for our country and this increasingly distressed environment that we all share.

Secondly, there’s no denying that we offer huge savings to those that would otherwise be forced to buy a new vehicle. These days there’s not as much money floating around for such purchases and we for one can attest that the salvage industry is seeing a massive upswing.

If you’re looking to salvage car parts contact us today, or take advantage of our online platform and let’s make your life a while lot easier!